Laura Elliott - rib-boning 

60pp; hand-stitched with red thread; Lana paper covers

£10 (plus p&p)

I am outwith
the vicinity 
of the hexed 

In this long sequence of poems, following her debut collection lemon, egg, bread (Test Centre, 2017), Laura Elliott marks the meeting between a lyric of the written body and the politics of classification. The book's concrete typewritten images use selected alphabetical subheadings of Women-- taken from the 41st Edition of the Library of Congress Subject Headings. Incremental and disquieting, rib-boning is a radical object, a sutured archive. 

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Murmeln um Schiffland

A WANDA / MOOT collaboration *SOLD OUT*

Digital EP download + illustrated concertina booklet + gold stamped slip case

Murmeln um Schiffland is the gorgeous new work by murmeln (aka multi-instrumentalist and award-winning composer and writer Ben Osborn). This exclusive debut EP under a new name signals the breakthrough moment for this prolific but elusive artist. Murmeln um Schiffland is simultaneously released as a book of poems and drawings by Moot Press, and a five-track audio download on Berlin’s WANDA Portal. The EP is produced by Berlin artist yr lovely dead moon and mastered by cult songwriter-producer Emperor X.
“Murmeln’s vast history of composition has led him to a subtle sonic blend of electro-acoustic, classical and slacker folk. Haiku and Tanka guide the listener through a dreamlike landscape of modern day archetypes, between the lines and off the page.” – WANDA

“The text of Murmeln um Schiffland drifts tide-like between the connected poles of journal and dream-narrative, or back and forth along the route of passage between poem – lyric – song.  In their playful immediacy, the poetry and prose recall the anecdotal lyrics of O’Hara’s Lunch Poems, or a minimal form reminiscent of Snyder, Rexroth and American haiku. Lurking within Murmeln um Schiffland, too, is a stonier, Rilkean sensibility open to ‘holy vision’, to the terrible and divine as they are revealed in the ecstatic of the modern city. Winter transfigures into spring and Berlin is afloat, the singer-poet ‘muttering at ship-country’.”
– Moot Press

€7 - available worldwide
Each booklet comes with a unique digital download code.

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Felix Bazalgette - Fourteen Photographs About Poems

32pp A6 booklet; wire stich

£6 (plus p&p)

We photographed a brick together
before she even as
they later said of light
that it is an arrow 
and a wave

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Felix Bazalgette - Street 

ISBN 978-1-804248-05-8

44pp; risograph; wire stitch

32 Images and a short essay

"A camera doesn't see in any one particular way (in fact, a camera, like an eye, doesn't see at all). Depending on where I point it from, and what at, it can look through the eyes of a Piero della Francesca, a Grecian Urn, a Google map, a Pompeian wall painting, a 13th-century mosaic, a bomb-sight, a dog or a 19th-century museum cabinet. Vertical or oblique, perspective or plan, skia or photo, material or its representation."

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Holly Gupta - WEG  *SOLD OUT*

Limited edition, folded photography broadside

The photographic sequence Weg assembles a movement across exterior and interior surfaces. Via landscape, architecture and still life, Gupta's sculptural approach to form render her unpeopled frames with a charged presence.

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Joseph Persad -  Content

ISBN 978-1-804248-04-1

28 pp; risograph printing; yellow endpapers by Clare Sikorska; wire stitch

Engraved to thee thy origin, camps & witness to the contours:
Of your parent's love still developing towards whole, I saw no developments:
Outside the tightest restriction, and if the tenant of your heart here persists,
It's of red's elegance, pouring from you now as a yellow shirt's redeemed cuff.

Contentment hides in the fringe of Content's project, where life was structured by Neil Sedaka 45s. You start the year off fine, and then the poems' honourable characteristic is the ease with which they advertise themselves. Like the lover whose hurt cannot even be outdone by the hurt they would never have done to them, they appear to struggle with feelings of strangeness and awkwardness. Without doubt these poems are unreasonably attached to mortality: they will remain equally intelligible for 3 centuries. It must be expected that their gaudiness and inane phraseology will not exactly suit accurate taste. But then this is desire, which never will let anything stand in the way of its gratification.

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Rowan Evans - 


ISBN 978-1-804248-03-4

24 pp; risograph printing; top-bound hand stitching

on way
null song 
green ripples ripples
dark into the 

quotient mountain
unknown who

A sequence of concrete poems and black and white collages of image and found text, ODE RHIZOME MOUNTAIN SONG responds to the mechanism of the typewriter and its invitation to horizontal and vertical reading. As these visual paths shadow the columns of Chinese ideograms, the text enters into direct and oblique dialogue with the 8th Century Wangchuan Ji  (‘Wheel River Sequence’) of Wang Wei. Finding an origin among mountain flowers, this poetics follows the spatial logic of the rhizome, ‘a continuously growing horizontal underground stem that puts out lateral shoots’. A poem and artist’s book of lyric orientation. 

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Den Staf - 1110-2300F ore

ISBN  978-1-804248-02-7  

24pp, wire stitch, 100 numbered copies

£3 (plus postage) 

"It was George It was George It was the cameras in the U-2s, the cameras in the low-runs, the clarity, the resolution, the works. There isn’t a thing you can say that isn’t traceable in part to his efforts. And even more than that there isn’t much you can say about aerial photography, looking at the earth or into space." 

The military and geopolitical history of American photo-reconnaissance continues to inform the use of remote sensing technologies in the present. 1110-2300F ore examines this relationship via autobiographical text and satellite imagery. 

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